Osis+ Refresh Dust 300mL
Osis+ Refresh Dust 300mL $24.00
Revive your second-day hair with OSiS+ Refresh Dust. This bodifying dry shampoo, enriched with Rice Starch, effectively combats greasiness while delivering instant volume and grip for a touchable finish. Key Features: Grease Combat: Reliably combats greasiness for refreshed, revitalized hair. Instant Volume: Provides instant volume for a revitalized look. Touchable Finish: Offers grip and texture with a touchable finish. Suitable for: Individuals seeking to revitalize second-day hair, combat greasiness, and add instant volume and grip for a touchable, refreshed look.
Osis+ Glow 50mL
Osis+ Glow 50mL $24.00
Unleash your hair's natural brilliance with OSiS Glow. This shine serum gives you that sought-after glossy look instantly. Its non-greasy formula means you get all the luster with none of the weight. Key features: Instant high gloss Lightweight, oil-free feel Smooths frizz and flyaways Silicone-free, nourishing hair feeling Suitable for: Anyone craving a quick shine boost
Osis+ Bounty Balm 150mL
Osis+ Bounty Balm 150mL $24.00
Tame your frizz and revel in the softness and sheen of your curls with OSiS+ Bounty Balm. This rich cream is crafted to enhance the inherent beauty of coils, curls, and waves, boosting your hair's natural bounce while delivering essential nourishment. Key Features: Frizz Reduction: Smooths out frizz for sleeker, more defined curls. Natural Shine: Imparts a healthy glow without compromising natural texture. Softening Formula: Infused with Glycerin and Olive Oil for ultimate softness. Versatile Control: Ideal for managing flyaways in straight hair as well, enhancing overall ease of styling. Suitable for: Curly to straight hair types seeking control with a natural shine.
Osis+ Tipsy Twirl 300mL
Osis+ Tipsy Twirl 300mL $24.00
Don't let frizz dampen your style. Experience the ultimate texture-enhancing curl jelly, OSiS+ Tipsy Twirl. Crafted with Glycerin and Red Algae Powder, this innovative formula defines natural curls and waves, delivering medium hold for lightweight volume and strong definition, all without the unwanted crunchiness. Key Features: Frizz Control: Banishes frizz, leaving hair soft and manageable. Definition and Volume: Enhances curls and waves with luscious lightweight volume. Medium Hold: Provides strong definition without sacrificing flexibility. Gentle Nourishment: Infused with Glycerin and Red Algae Powder for added hair health. Suitable for: Individuals with natural curls or waves seeking frizz-free definition and lightweight volume.
Osis+ Upload Bodifying Cream 200mL
Osis+ Upload 200mL $24.00
Achieve your hair's ideal balance of manageability and volume with OSiS+ Upload. This volumising cream not only enhances body and shine but also includes conditioning agents like Panthenol to smooth porous hair and protect from blow-dry damage. Its lightweight formulation is perfect for air-drying, providing subtle definition. Key Features: Volumising Effect: Boosts body for a fuller look. Natural Shine: Leaves hair with a healthy, natural sheen. Conditioning Agents: Panthenol smoothes and protects hair structure. Blow-Dry Protection: Guards against heat damage during styling. Lightweight Formula: Ideal for air-drying with subtle definition. Suitable for: Individuals seeking enhanced manageability, volume, and protection for their hair, whether they prefer blow-drying or air-drying.
Osis+ Pump Up 85mL
Osis+ Pump Up 85mL $24.00
Seeking a surge of volume? Look no further than OSiS+ Pump Up. Crafted with a blend of Starch, Sea Salt, and naturally-derived oils, this versatile styling paste elevates dry hair of any length by providing grip, body, and root-lift while taming flyaway strands. As a bonus, it can also be applied to damp, short hair before blow-drying using your fingers for added versatility. Key Features: Volumizing Formula: Adds grip, body, and root-lift to dry hair for enhanced volume. Flyaway Control: Tames unruly baby hairs for a polished finish. Multi-Use: Suitable for both dry and damp hair, offering flexibility in styling. Nourishing Blend: Infused with Starch, Sea Salt, and naturally-derived oils for a healthy hair experience. Suitable for: Individuals seeking enhanced volume, grip, and flyaway control for their hair of any length.
Osis+ Air Whip 200mL
Osis+ Air Whip 200mL $24.00
OSiS+ Air Whip, the versatile, light hold mousse that defies convention. Layer it up to enhance hold and volume without the stickiness or crunch. This multitasking marvel not only boosts manageability during blow-drying but also offers heat protection up to 230°C/450°F. Enriched with plant-based Keratin and Panthenol, its caring formula leaves your hair feeling moisturized and fuller. Key Features: Layerable Hold: Increase hold and volume without stickiness or crunch. Enhanced Manageability: Makes blow-drying easier and more efficient. Heat Protection: Shields hair from thermal damage up to 230°C/450°F. Nourishing Formula: Infused with plant-based Keratin and Panthenol for moisturized, fuller-feeling hair. Suitable for: Individuals seeking a light hold mousse with enhanced volume, manageability, and heat protection.
Osis+ Grip Extra Strong Mousse 200mL
Osis+ Grip 200mL $24.00
Want fuller hair? Try OSiS+ Grip, a extra strong hold mousse with Panthenol for volume, shine, and control. It protects against heat damage and keeps coarse hair in place, for a vibrant and healthy style. Key Features: Extra Strong Hold: Keeps even coarse hair in place for enduring styles. Volume and Shine: Provides fullness and natural shine for a vibrant look. Heat Protection: Shields hair from damage caused by blow-drying and heated tools up to 230°C/450°F. Suitable for: Individuals seeking fuller hair, extra strong hold, and heat protection.
Osis+ Volume Up 300mL
Osis+ Volume Up 300mL $24.00
Revitalize your limp, long hair with OSiS+ Volume Up. Specially formulated for longer hair lacking body, this medium hold volume spray works wonders by instantly boosting texture, delivering impressive volume, and ramping up root-lift while combating static. For even more hold and added texture, try layering for fabulous results. Key Features: Instant Volume: Adds impressive volume to create a fuller look. Root-Lift: Lifts the roots for enhanced body and bounce. Medium Hold: Provides long-lasting support without stiffness. Anti-Static: Fights against static for a sleek finish. Suitable for: Individuals with longer hair seeking added volume, body, and root-lift.
Osis+ Dust It 15mL
Osis+ Dust It 15mL $24.00
Unleash your creativity with OSiS+ Dust It. This mattifying hair powder offers strong hold, delivering instant, knockout volume and invincible root lift. Ideal for short and medium-length textured looks, it can also be used to provide added grip when crafting braids and updos, giving you the freedom to explore boundless styles. Key Features: Strong Hold: Provides a secure hold for versatile styling. Instant Volume: Creates knockout volume for short and medium-length hair. Root Lift: Lifts the roots for invincible lift and textured looks. Versatile Grip: Ideal for crafting braids and updos with added grip and control. Suitable for: Individuals seeking strong hold, knockout volume, and invincible root lift for short and medium-length textured hairstyles. Also suitable for crafting braids and updos with added grip and control.
Osis+ Mess Up 100mL
Osis+ Mess Up 100mL $24.00
In search of the go-to styling product for short, laid-back hair? Look no further than OSiS+ Mess Up. This remouldable matte paste, enriched with Carnauba Wax, Glycerin, and Berry Fruit Wax, provides non-greasy dry texture, medium hold, and pliable movement, ensuring your short styles exude effortless charm. Key Features: Remouldable Matte Texture: Provides a non-greasy, dry texture for versatile styling. Medium Hold: Offers reliable hold for a laid-back yet polished look. Pliable Movement: Allows for flexible, effortless styling with natural movement. Suitable for: Individuals seeking remouldable texture, medium hold, and pliable movement for effortless, laid-back styles.
Osis+ Mighty Matte 100mL
Osis+ Mighty Matte 100mL $24.00
Tame stubborn hair and unleash your creativity with OSiS+ Mighty Matte. This strong hold styling cream, enriched with Carnauba Wax and Rice Bran Wax, ensures that even coarse hair stays in place while creating strong texture and definition with an unmistakable matte finish. Key Features: Unyielding Hold: Keeps even coarse hair in place for enduring styles. Strong Texture and Definition: Provides strong texture and definition for creative styling. Distinct Matte Finish: Unmistakable matte finish for a bold, modern look. Suitable for: Individuals seeking unwavering hold, strong texture, and a distinctive matte finish for creative, modern styling.
Osis+ Flexwax Ultra Strong Cream Wax 85mL Top View
Osis+ Flexwax 85mL $24.00
OSiS+ Flexwax a robust cream wax, enriched with Carnauba Wax and Ricinus Seed Oil, offers strong hold, natural shine, and flexible definition. It empowers you to mold and remold your style with creativity and confidence. Key Features: Strong Hold: Provides a reliable hold for versatile styling. Natural Shine: Gives hair a natural shine. Flexible Definition: Allows for adaptable and creative styling options. Remouldable Creativity: Empowers you to craft and recraft your style with ease. Suitable for: Individuals seeking strong hold, natural shine, and flexible definition to amplify their hair's texture with remouldable creativity.
Osis+ Thrill Hair Fiber Gum 100mL
Osis+ Thrill 100mL $24.00
Reach for OSiS+ Thrill when you need accelerated texture control. Formulated for all hair types, this medium hold, elastic fiber hair gum provides remouldable separation, shine, and flexible styling. Whether you use it to define single strands, reduce frizz, or tame flyaways, it offers knock-out definition and versatility. Key Features: Medium Hold: Offers flexibility and reliable hold for versatile styling. Elastic Fibre Hair Gum: Provides remouldable separation and shine for all hair types. Flexible Styling: Allows for versatile and creative styling options. Frizz and Flyaway Taming: Ideal for reducing frizz and taming flyaways for polished definition. Suitable for: Individuals seeking accelerated texture control, remouldable separation, and versatile styling options for all hair types, as well as those aiming to reduce frizz and tame flyaways for polished definition.
Osis+ Sparkler Shine Spray 300mL
Osis+ Sparkler 300mL $24.00
Unleash glamour with OSiS+ Sparkler. This shine spray not only offers a light conditioning effect but also delivers a glorious shiny finish after blow-drying. Its silicone-free formula reduces frizz, improves detangling, and provides protection against humidity and heat up to 230°C/450°F. For particularly stubborn hair, use it before blow-drying to increase manageability and achieve a supremely smooth finish. Key Features: Light Conditioning: Provides a light conditioning effect for a glamorous finish. Frizz Reduction: Reduces frizz and improves detangling for smooth, manageable hair. Humidity and Heat Protection: Shields hair from humidity and heat damage up to 230°C/450°F. Silicone-Free Formula: Offers shine and protection without silicone build-up. Suitable for: Those looking for a styling product that adds shine and a light conditioning touch without heaviness. Ideal for individuals with frizz-prone hair, those who frequently style with heat, and anyone wanting to protect their hair against humidity and achieve a smooth, polished look.
Osis+ Elastic Flexible Hold Hairspray 300mL
Osis+ Elastic 300mL $24.00
Prepare to take charge with OSiS+ Elastic. This workable hairspray offers medium hold and heat protection up to 230°C/450°F, ensuring the perfect balance of style maintenance. Its layerable formula is easy to brush out without flaking, providing you with the freedom to craft and rework your style as desired. Key Features: Medium Hold: Provides a flexible yet reliable hold for versatile styling. Heat Protection: Shields hair from heat damage up to 230°C/450°F. Layerable Formula: Allows for easy reworking and brushing out without flaking. Suitable for: Individuals seeking flexible hold, heat protection, and easy restyling for versatile and reliable styling options.
Osis+ Freeze Strong Hold Hairspray 300mL
Osis+ Freeze 300mL $24.00
Bid farewell to product residue with OSiS+ Freeze. This strong hold hairspray locks your style in place all day without the risk of flaking, ensuring a flawless finish. Perfect for creating long-lasting styles, it also provides heat protection up to 230°C/450°F, empowering you to express yourself without compromise. Key Features: Unyielding Hold: Keeps your style locked in place all day. Flawless Finish: Ensures a polished look without the risk of flaking. Long-Lasting Styles: Ideal for creating enduring, expressive looks. Heat Protection: Shields hair from heat damage up to 230°C/450°F. Suitable for: Individuals seeking uncompromising hold, flawless finish, and enduring styles with heat protection for ultimate self-expression.
Osis+ Session 300mL
Osis+ Session 300mL $24.00
Keep your style locked in place with OSiS+ Session. This extra strong hold hairspray is designed for long-lasting hold, allowing your hair to withstand humidity, wind, and heat up to 230°C/450°F. Experience the luxury of a brushable finish that leaves your hair shiny without any flaky residue. Key Features: Extra Strong Hold: Secures styles for long-lasting results. Humidity and Wind Resistant: Protects hair against the elements. Heat Protection: Shields hair from heat up to 230°C/450°F. Luxurious Finish: Adds shine and is brushable without flakiness. Suitable for: Anyone needing a powerful hairspray that can maintain their style under challenging conditions, such as high humidity, strong winds, or heat styling.

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